test mother fucker



(So last night I was just feeling like that headless beaver I saw on the side of the road. I started drinking. I very drunkenly bought the domain and set up the wordpress account and my domain purchase wasn’t going through. I kept trying and waiting and trying and finally went back to look at the email confirmation and I had bought http://www.ourgettingribs.com. So I got on a chat with customer service from NameCheap (A+ service btw) and said “oh shit I’m drunk and I fucked this up” so they refunded me with the promise I would immediately purchase the correct domain. Which I did…not do. Same thing was happening. Couldn’t get the site registered on the host etc etc etc. Looked back at my confirmation and I had registered http://www.outgettingribsdotcom.com. Had to go through the whole process again. I should have just left it because its fucking hilarious. Bottom line, some hot Polish customer service chick named Izabela thinks I’m an idiot. And sure, it was probably some fat Russian named Igor with a girls avatar, but let me dream a little.  By the time I got it all working, “test mother fucker” was the only appropriate title. I was gonna delete it, but nah..)